Gettin’ Funky with FPB

I listen to music while working in the studio and over the years have found that the music to which I work best is either jazz or funk music.  Classical, which I love, is too demanding of my attention, rock and hip hop are too distracting and country, well, I’m not a huge country fan to begin with.

But jazz and funk lets me work while enjoying some good music.  I also find that it’s good when shooting in the camera room because it seems to relax anxious clients but is upbeat and helps to set the mood for a fun session.

So yesterday, the music was playing when a client came in to place an order happened to the be new CD recently released by my own son’s Seattle-based funk band, The Fabulous Party Boys (FPB).  The band just performed this past weekend at the Wild Buffalo in Bellingham, along with Megatron, a band that seldom plays together anymore.   FPB has played the Wild Buffalo many times over the years and has developed a loyal following both here and now in Seattle.  By the time they started to play at about 10:30, the Buff funk music fans were flowing through the front doors.

The Fabulous Party Boys onstage at Bellingham’s Wild Buffalo.
 I was there not only to hear the band but also to shoot some new promotional photos for them.    The Buffalo is one of the better venues in Bellingham to photograph live performances because they have good stage lighting and it’s a big space so that it’s easy to move around.

My client had never heard the music of FPB, until yesterday.  The band’s new  CD, titled “Shower Together” features eight original cuts written by members of the band.  “It’s so refined,” my client said, “I didn’t expect them to sound that way.”In fact, if you’ve never heard this group you might be surprised by the complexity of their music.  Tempos change, rhythms and riffs are complicated and intricate and the playing is precise.  The members themselves are pretty modest when it comes to their musical abilities but each are trained musicians whose technical skills allow them to execute melodies and rhythms that lesser players might stumble over.  The end result is music that, as one Seattle reviewer put it:  …”is a wonderfully energetic and eccentric piece of funk…the band manages to radiate more soul in five seconds than most bands do in their entire career.”

You can have listen to the funky phrases of FPB yourself at: or purchase their CD through Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby, or, if you happen to be at my studio, from me!   Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!