“Take good photographs and the Art will take care of itself.”                                                                                                                  Edward Steichen

My first camera, at age 7, was a Brownie Hawkeye.  I still have it.  Since then, I’ve made literally thousands of images, first with film and now through digital capture.  Photography is not my past time nor my passion, it’s an essential part of my life.   It’s my way of  documenting and sharing with others how I see the world and the people in it.  Whether it’s a portrait made in my professional studio in Bellingham or a personal project photo shot on the fly, it’s my vision and my eye that sets the resulting image apart from one by anyone else.

In my Bellingham portrait studio, I have the honor of photographing families, children, high school seniors, couples, business professionals, artists–people from all walks of life.  Using skills honed from more than a decade as a professional journalist and writer, I get to know my subjects so that when they step in front of my camera we’re no longer strangers.  Consequently, my portraits truly reflect an individual’s personality.

My blog is dedicated to sharing with you my images, my professional and personal pursuits in the field of photography in the studio and beyond and the activities of my Bellingham photography studio.

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