Photos of Fall

Autumn is one of those seasons during which a photographic opportunity seems to present itself every time I turn around.  For instance, I was driving home from my early morning work out the other day when I rounded the corner and, as I did, I looked down the hill towards where I had just come and saw a single football sitting smack in the middle of the sidewalk. That, in itself, would have seemed to signal that fall is near, especially with the football season officially underway now as of this week.  But the entire scene was softened by the morning layer of fog that comes when fall is approaching here in the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Southwest.

Taking care that no other cars were approaching, I stopped my own after turning and popped out my little Nikon point and shoot that I carry around with me just for these sort of occasions.  It doesn’t have the super lens of my pro camera or all the other manual options but in a pinch, I can get a pretty good image.  I season it with a dash of Photoshop to give it exactly the flavor of the moment.

Thought it would be fun to share with you this autumn ‘photos of fall’ as I see them, take them and have time to post them just for you to enjoy.  It’s a perfect time for my portrait work as well so I may include some of  those as well. While I hate to see summer slip by as it is such a short season here, autumn brings with it so much color and coolness.  Hope these images will say ‘Welcome Autumn’ to you as they do for me.

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Here’s my Photo of Fall for today.  I call it:  Fog and Football.

Uh oh.  You know autumn's on its way when both football and fog touch down.
Uh oh. You know autumn’s on its way when both football and fog touch down.

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