Making a Case for the iPhone

The new Apple iPhone is out today.   For some people, that meant sleeping in line overnight outside an Apple store in order to be among the first to buy the newest version of this popular phone.  But if you’re not among those who need or, even want, the updated iPhone, you can still give your phone a new look with a product that a local Bellingham woman and graphics designer has introduced.

Brandon agreed to model for his Mom’s new company. He and I first met when I photographed him as a senior. He’s seen here using one of the vintage camera cases, one of my personal favorites.

Jennifer Harrington has come up with some clever and very cool snap-on covers to individualize and “fashion-ize” your otherwise generic-looking iPhone.  Her company, On Your Case, offers a variety of designs, from the simple, to vintage, to retro and to even holiday-themes.   My personal favorites are the ones with the Eiffel Tower, the vintage cameras and the bright red “Keep Calm and Call Your Mom”,  a take-off of the British slogan used during World War II,  “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

Jennifer called me on her cell phone recently to set up a photo session to show off her product.  I had taken senior portraits for her son, Brandon, a Bellingham High grad, a few years ago.  He had agreed to be one of her models for the session, along with his girlfriend, Stephanie, and Jennifer’s assistant, Andrea.”  Jennifer had a ‘look’ in mind that she wanted to get.   She came up with the basic concept and together we put together a session to create her images.

Stephanie and Brandon go nose to nose with their iPhone cases. His is another camera from the Vintage collection; hers is one of the Pattern designs.

She wanted to use the images from the shoot to illustrate how much fun and how personalized her cases could make your phone by including them on her company’s Facebook page and on the website now under construction.  She’s also got the individual cases posted on her “Etsy” store page  at There you can look through seven pages of different cases in order to find the one just right for you.  And the great thing about these little cases is that they are so reasonably priced that you can buy three or four in order to customize your iPhone for every occasion.  How cool is that!

She’s also got a more limited selection that will fit the Samsung smart phones and is soon going to introduce covers for the iPad.  Finally, someone is getting stylish with these devices!

Andrea’s totally cool with the Teal Chevron case from the On Your Case pattern collection.

I’m not an iPhone user myself so I’m hoping that Jennifer will eventually come up with cases that will fit other types of popular smart phones because I really love what’s she’s done!  Almost makes me want to wait in line to buy the new iPhone.  Almost.

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