Chuffed to Be Here!

On more than one occasion, a friend has become a client or a client a friend.  Take, for instance, my friend Nancy Moore.

I don’t remember exactly when Nancy Moore and I first met.  Most likely it was through a school function as her daughter and my sons attended the same middle and high schools.  We had many mutual friends but rarely socialized.  I don’t know why.

When her daughter became a senior in high school,  Nancy asked me to photograph Kristen’s senior portrait.   I was thrilled because Kristen then had a strong interest in writing and I felt we connected during her initial photo consultation.

Kristen was a senior at Sehome High School when I made this portrait of her and MacKenzie.

We chose a location for her portrait session and I encouraged her to bring along her writing notebook, as well as the family dog,  MacKenzie.

Not long after,  Nancy and I got to know one another better because we both took classes at the same Pilates studio.  She is very athletic and fit and while I manage to keep in shape,  she was far more active, often riding her bike to class and squeezing in a round of golf either before or after her class.

Just as we became friends, she went off to England with her husband, Craig, who had been relocated there by his company, and MacKenzie.  But when she departed, she invited me, among others, to come visit.  I don’t know whether or not she was serious but I took her up on her offer a year ago in June.   She was be the first stop on a trip that took me and my husband to Provence for the first time.

I was excited because though I have traveled a good deal in Europe and Scandinavia, I never spent any time in England.  Besides, Nancy lived in Wimbledon, just minutes away from the famous tennis club where the tournament takes place annually.   We timed the visit accordingly and arrived just after the tournament play had started.  Although I was tired from the flight over,  I summoned the energy to go with her to the courts to watch what we could.

It was a dream come true for me, a long-time tennis player and fan.  Although we only got to see a few games, due to a rain-out, she seemed equally as thrilled.

Nancy was an incredible “tour guide” during my visit to London. Together we went to Hampton Court, one of Henry VIII’s many palaces.

She acted as our personal ‘tour guide’ for several of the days that we were there and on the days that she didn’t go along, she gave us detailed directions as to where we might go and want we might like to see. In the few short months that she had lived there, she had become an amazing resource on local sights and history.

Now, I’m happy to say, she’s started her own blog:  “Chuffed to Be Here” to share with everyone else as well as her friends and followers,  her adventures both in England and elsewhere.  The great thing about her blog is that it’s not the usual “travel” blog or website.  She has an eye for the unusual in what might otherwise be regarded as the ordinary.  And that’s one of the things that makes her blog so fun to visit.  You can visit it too at :

During my visit to England, we planned a family portrait for the time that Nancy and Craig would be back in Bellingham for a visit. Everyone, but the dog, MacKenzie, was there. Knowing that we were going to do the portrait, I photographed MacKenzie separately while still in England and later digitally added her to complete the family.

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