The Graduate Goes Home

It’s always hard to say good-bye.  Seems like I’ve had to do a lot of that lately.  Last week, I bid farewell to my photographer’s assistant for the past two years–Ika Hirawan.   She has been by my side on location during photo sessions with high school seniors and families as well as having handled whatever I needed done in the studio.  I’m going to miss  her.

Ika, my photography assistant for two years, on the Western Washington University where she studied for two years.

But she graduated from Western Washington University in June with a bachelor’s degree in business and has a job waiting for her in her native Indonesia.  Having spent five of the last six years in the United States, I know her family was anxious to have her back again.

Ika first came to the States as a junior in high school and lived with a family in Iowa.  It was quite a  change from her homeland.  After graduating from her high school in Indonesia, she applied to and was accepted in a student exchange program and wound up at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham.  Upon completing the two-year program at WCC,  she applied to WWU where she continued her college education.

She proved herself to be a diligent student, a delightful young woman and a very dependable photographer’s assistant!  I hope to see her again one day, whether here in the States, there in Indonesia or some other far corner of the world.  In the meantime, we’ll keep in touch via the wonders of electronic mail and Facebook.  It makes the distances between us seem closer and our worlds feel less far apart.

Many thanks, Ika, and best wishes for your future!

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