Back 2 Bellingham

I knew little about Western Washington University until my husband and I considered moving to Bellingham from Los Angeles.   As it turns out, the University and its nearly 15,000 students was one of the reasons we chose to relocate in Bellingham.  Not only is it a valuable asset in the community but it is an outstanding academic institution.   Now, I serve as an advisory board member to the University’s College of Fine and Performing Arts.

This weekend, May 18-20, WWU hosts Back 2 Bellingham, one of  the year’s biggest events on campus.  The schedule is chock-full of a variety of tours, performances, presentations, open houses, activities, parties and receptions, both on campus and off, that are open to all.  Nearly 4,000  alumni, parents and students come to campus from a dozen states and the greater Puget Sound region.  For the past two years, members from every class year from 1958 to the present have attended.  In short, Back 2 Bellingham is Western Washington University’s homecoming, spring parents’ weekend, and a student recruitment weekend all rolled into one.  It brings an incredible  infusion of visitors to the university and Bellingham.

My portrait of President Shepard was made
for the University as his official portrait.

President Bruce Shepard welcomes members of the university’s President’s Club at a reception this evening, May 18, to recognize donors and advocates of WWU.   Two years ago, Shepard and the University hosted a series of “100 Conversations”  with people from throughout Bellingham, Whatcom County, the state and beyond to gather the thoughts and ideas about the role the university needs to play in our society in the future.  It’s all part of the university’s efforts to raise awareness of WWU’s nationally recognized programs and faculty.

I hope you’ll check out Back 2 Bellingham here at: and discover WWU for yourself.

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